Starting your career as a counsellor can be a stressful situation. Understanding registration, working out how to meet your CPD requirements and finding a job are big tasks.  


PACFA is here to help you get started. If you have not already joined as a student member, it's not too late: student membership is free and includes free insurance for placements 


If you have recently graduated, or recently started looking for work as a counsellor, applying for registration is a straightforward process 


PACFA has Australia’s highest standards for registration as a counsellor as our members are qualified Allied Health professionals. All PACFA members start as a Certified Practising Counsellor.  


Our membership includes discounted and free access to CPD events run by experienced counsellors across Australia through our branch network. You can meet all your CPD requirements through these events, or you can purchase CPD from our endorsed programs. PACFA does not funnel members into costly subscriptions with other commercial CPD providers. 


Due to our not-for-profit status, and federated history, PACFA has access to the best value professional indemnity and public liability insurance for registrants. Check our competitive pricing.   


Importantly, PACFA has a strategic approach to advancing the profession by aligning it with other Allied Health professions and building relationships within the mental healthcare sector. PACFA does not allow less qualified counsellors to undermine our tertiary-qualified registrants. PACFA encourages all people seeking to provide talking therapy to ensure they are qualified at an appropriate level to build credibility, ensure they can support complex clients, and ensure community safety 

See the comprehensive list of member benefits.


Applying with a qualification from overseas? Read more about the application process.

 To find out more about the application journey, visit Application Journey

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