Join PACFA and be part of an industry-leading national organisation committed to furthering the counselling and psychotherapy profession.


Broaden your network of peers, support your industry and deepen your knowledge by joining the PACFA community.  PACFA members benefit from our high-level advocacy and the opportunities we open for members' professional recognition and employment. As a practising member you can access our competitively-priced professional indemnity and public liability insurance, peer networks, member discounts for continuing professional development and access to our jobs list/therapist directory.


As a PACFA member you will be upholding excellence in the field of counselling and psychotherapy and supporting our values of inclusion, integrity, and professionalism.

See the comprehensive list omember benefits. 


PACFA provides a united forum for counsellors and psychotherapists to holistically foster professional identity for practitioners, lead research and training, and advocate to the public and government. Additionally; 

  1. Across the sector, PACFA has the highest standards for membership in counselling and psychotherapy
  2. PACFA does not have a commercial interest in any training organisations, meaning we can advocate for the workforce which will best support the Australia community
  3. PACFA is a leader in supporting innovative practice, such as Indigenous Healing Practices, through the College of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Healing Practices
  4. PACFA is committed to research which supports the value of counselling and psychotherapy
  5. PACFA is a not-for-profit organisation, so all membership fees are reinvested into member services.

Read more about eligibility for PACFA membership and our application pathways

For ACA members: Find further information on which category your ACA membership translates to and how to apply. 


ClinicalPACFA’s highest level of membership, you are an experienced practitioner who has accrued a minimum of 750 hours of client contact and 75 hours of supervision since completing your studies more than two years ago. Apply for clinical membership.


ProvisionalThis level is for practitioners who have been out of training and practising for at least two years. The majority of PACFA members apply at provisional level, and later upgrade to clinical membership once they have accrued the client and supervision hours for clinical registration. Apply for provisional membership.


Provisional new graduate: Have you completed your studies within the last two years? This membership has the same benefits as provisional, and on the Find a Therapist  function you will be visible as 'provisional'. Howevernew graduates benefit from a reduced fee,  to support you at the beginning of your career. Apply for provisional new graduate membership.


Member association member: If you are a practising member of one of PACFA’s Member Associations, you are able to apply to PACFA to be listed on our register as either provisional or clinical and receive PACFA member opportunities. Apply for member association membership.


Academic: An educator in the field of counselling and/or psychotherapy, you will be contributing to the field through research and education. Apply for academic membership.


Affiliate: Are you interested in the counselling and psychotherapy field, or do you use counselling skills to support clients? Affiliate membership offers association with PACFA and access to our resourcesAffiliate members may have trained in a cognate field, or have training outside of PACFA’s requirements, but appreciate the value in being a part of the PACFA community. Apply for affiliate membership.


Student: If you are enrolled in a counselling and/or psychotherapy course you can join PACFA and benefit from our expertise and support while you complete your studies. Apply for student membership.


See here for a list of our fees.


Processing times for clinical, provisional, and academic member applications can take up to 4-6 weeks. Unfortunately, we cannot expedite applications.