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Core Education Programs (Full list)

Please check the College of Psychotherapy requirements before choosing your course, and contact [email protected] for all related queries.

Course provider

Accreditation expiry 

Alphacrucis University College  
A. Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Counselling Specialisation)
B. Master of Counselling


31/12/2028 - A, B 

Australian College of Applied Professions
A. Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy
B. Bachelor of Counselling - includes an optional Coaching sequence.
C. Bachelor of Psychological Science and Counselling
D. Graduate Diploma of Counselling* 
* Program is in teach-out

30/09/2026 - A
10/02/2027 - B,C 


30/06/2026 - D

Avondale University
A. Bachelor of Arts - Counselling
B. Graduate Diploma in Counselling

06/12/2026 - A, B 

Cairnmillar Institute

A. Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy



Charles Sturt University
Master of Pastoral Counselling (Clinical)


Christian Heritage College
A. Master of Counselling
B. Bachelor of Counselling

01/02/2025 - A, B

Deakin University
Master of Counselling 

Edith Cowan University 
Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy 


Excelsia College
Master of Counselling


Flinders University
A. Master of Counselling (Behavioural Health)
B. Master of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy*
*program is in teach-out

A. 31/12/2028

B. 31/07/2027

Gestalt Therapy Brisbane
Master of Gestalt Therapy


Griffith University
Bachelor of Counselling 


Metavision Institute 
Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy (Holistic Practice) 


Monash University
A. Master of Counselling (Clayton on-campus, Clayton off-campus, and Clayton Singapore hybrid modes)
B. Master of Professional Counselling (Malaysia)


31/12/2028 - A           

31/12/2024 - B

Morling College
Master of Counselling 


Murdoch University
Master of Counselling


Pathways Psychology Institute
Graduate Diploma of Trauma-Informed Processwork Psychotherapy


Tabor College
Master of Counselling Practice



Program has been accredited in the past and is in the process of seeking accreditation when the PACFA accreditation process recommences.

Current and prospective students will not be disadvantaged in any way and are eligible to seek PACFA registration via the non-accredited pathway.

University of Adelaide
Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy (Clinical Practice)
Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy (Clinical Trauma Practice)


University of Notre Dame Australia
A. Master of Counselling 
B. Bachelor of Counselling 

31/12/2024 - A, B

University of Queensland
Master of Counselling


University of Southern Queensland
Master of Counselling 


University of Sunshine Coast

A. Bachelor of Counselling (Sippy Downs and Moreton Bay campuses)
B. Bachelor of Counselling/Bachelor of Human Services 
C. Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology)/Bachelor of Counselling
D. Master of Counselling*
*Program is in teach-out


 31/12/2025 - A 

 10/01/2028 - B, C

31/12/2025 - D

Western Sydney University
A. Graduate Diploma in Counselling
B. Master of Psychotherapy and Counselling

1/06/2026 - A, B