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Join as a Clinical Registrant 

Clinical Registration 

In order to register with PACFA as a Clinical Registrant , you must meet the following criteria

  1. You have graduated two or more years ago;
  2. You have completed 750 client hours since graduating;
  3. You have completed 75 hours of supervision since graduating.
  4. At least 50% of the minimum requirement for supervision must be met by individual supervision.


  1. Accredited training track: For eligible graduates who have successfully completed a PACFA-accredited course,
  2. General track: For eligible graduates who have completed a non-accredited course that meets the below eligibility criteria. Please Refer Registration Standard - Certified Practising and  Registration Upgrade Standard - Registered Clinical  for more information
  3. Overseas Training Track: For eligible graduates with Overseas Qualifications and a successful outcome letter from VETASSESS.
  4. Transfer pathway: Please click here for more information and click here to apply.
  5. Recognition of prior learning (RPL track) : Currently under review 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Your course must be equivalent to a Bachelor degree or higher;
  • Your study must have taken you 2 or more years (part or full-time study is accepted);
  • Within your course, there must be a minimum of 400 hours of learning (ie. lectures, tutorials, workshops) specifically in counselling/psychotherapy;
                  - of these 400 hours, 140 hours must be face-to-face and in person
  • Additionally, within the course there must be a placement with a minimum of 40 hours of client contact, and 10 hours of supervision attached to this client contact.

Documents Required to Submit your Clinical Registration Application

  1. Certified* copy of your transcript
  2. Certified* copy of your qualification certificate (also known as a Testamur)
  3. Copy of current insurance (only required if not applying for the PACFA Insurance)
  4. National Police Check dated no earlier than 3 months prior to the application
  5. Working With Children’s Check (if applicable)
  6. Two certified Proof of identity documents
  7. Evidence of your post-graduating client contact and supervision hours using PACFA's supervision and client contact verification form, or provide a letter on letterhead from your supervisor/s, confirming the number of hours. These hours must be signed off by both you and your supervisor(s) (one form per supervisor).
  8. Evidence that your course meets the PACFA Training Standards( Not Required for Applicants who have completed  PACFA Accredited Courses or with a VETASSESS outcome letter.)

For further information read  Application Checklist

Compile the documents listed in the Application checklist  in one single PDF or zip folder. Please also have a credit card for payment at hand to complete the application.

PLEASE NOTE: You will be asked to log in/create an account before you are able to complete the below application form. The application automatically saves so you are able to return to it later if you need to pause. The application fee is non-refundable.

For assistance with your application please contact the PACFA office at [email protected].

Application Form


Processing times for Clinical, Certified Practising, and Academic applications can take up to 4-5 weeks. Unfortunately, we cannot expedite applications.  

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