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Join as a Student

PACFA offers free membership to students of counselling and psychotherapy.

Read our student pack for more information on membership benefits and insurance for your placement(s). 

As part of your student membership, you will receive complimentary membership to the College of Counselling. 

PLEASE NOTE: You will be asked to log in/create an account before you are able to complete the below application form. The application automatically saves so you are able to return to it later if you need to pause.

Explore the 'Applying for Registration' PACFA Community

Student members are automatically part of the 'Applying for Registration' community, offering tailored discussions, registration resources, a question board, and exclusive announcements.

Getting started with PACFA Communities

  1. Visit PACFA Community and click “Sign In” at the top right.
  2. Log in with your pre-existing PACFA member portal username and password.
  3. Agree to the Terms and Conditions to be well-informed about our community guidelines.
  4. Hit “Explore” to discover your communities.
  5. Dive into “Applying for Registration” to start your journey.

Once you graduate, if your course meets our Training Standards, you will be eligible for full membership as a Certified Practising (new graduate) member. Being a student member does not automatically guarantee full PACFA membership upon graduation.

Certified Practising (New Graduate) members receive a 25% discount on their first annual membership fee, gaining access to PACFA-exclusive partnerships and the ability to create a profile on our ‘Find a Therapist’ search so that clients can find you easily.

Application Form


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