Interest Groups

PACFA Interest Groups are informal groups of members who come together to explore aspects of practice and to provide networking, learning and support opportunities.

Interest Groups are new to PACFA and members are encouraged to support the new Interest Groups that have been formed so that we can offer members a range of interesting groups relating to their shared professional interests.

Interest Groups relate to:

  • Modalities, interventions, client groups or work settings

  • Social policy issues affecting practice

  • Professional standards in areas of shared interest

Diversity in Gender, Body, Kinship, and Sexuality

The Diversity in Gender, Body, Kinship, and Sexuality Interest Group aims to raise awareness, advocate for, and promote promising practice within PACFA, both within the category of 'LGBTQI+', and also for a range of cultures, communities, and people whose genders, bodies, sexualities, and kinship are excluded or marginalised by terms like 'LGBTQI+'. We are in the process of changing the language we inherited to promote greater awareness and inclusion across our work. This includes developing practice resources and professional development opportunities around working with people with lived experiences of oppression and exclusion due to their genders, bodies, sexualities, and kinship.

Infants, Children and Young People Interest Group

Developed in early 2022, the Infants, Children and Young People Interest Group aims to promote good practice when working with younger people and children. The group will produce practice resources in relation to this for the wider PACFA membership body. This interest group will raise awareness of counsellors and psychotherapists with experience in working with younger people and advocate for their recognition. 


The group is currently meeting bi-monthly while they develop an annual plan of activities. We welcome ideas for professional development in this area, and PACFA members are welcome to reach out to the PACFA office if you would like to support and take part in this interest group. 


Contact: [email protected]


Older People Interest Group

In December 2020, thOlder People Interest Group was formed, aiming to raise awareness of counsellors with experience in working with older people and advocate for their recognition, raise issues to Government through appropriate channels, and promote good practice when working with older people.

The latter may include developing or highlighting sound practice resources, and creating professional development opportunities for working with older people. We welcome your ideas for professional development and your support as we develop this Interest Group through 2021.

Contact: [email protected]

Proposed new Interest Groups

There are future plans to start another two interest groups: 

  • Trauma-informed Practice Interest Group

  • Clinical Supervision Interest Group