Older People Interest Group

In December 2020, a new Interest Group was formed. The Older Persons Interest Group aims to raise awareness of counsellors with experience in working with older people and advocate for their recognition, raise issues to Government through appropriate channels, and promote good practice when working with older people. The latter may include developing or highlighting sound practice resources, and creating professional development opportunities for working with older people. We welcome your ideas for professional development and your support as we develop this Interest Group through 2021.

Older People Leadership Group Members

Caroline Romeo (Convenor) 

 Caroline’s interest comes from a 20 year experience of working with older people from in-home care to community development and state-wide advocacy, to supporting the mental health of older adults living at home. She currently works as a counsellor in a Government-funded service, in EAP and private practice. Influenced by her migration and multi-cultural experiences, Caroline brings a curiosity to counselling for older people in exploring its intersection with gender, ethnicity, age, place, disability, or multiplicities of identity. She graduated with Honours in Social Science (Macquarie University) in 2007 (exploring the de(re)valuation of care work) and a Master of Counselling (University of Notre Dame) in 2017 (exploring counselling strategies for older people with addictions). Caroline explores human concerns using an existential and narrative framework, and is currently developing competence in Grief & Loss.