Upgrade from Provisional to Clinical membership

Provisional PACFA members wishing to upgrade to Clinical Registration, must provide evidence that you have met the requirements below:

  • Completed 750 post-qualifying client hours linked to:
  • 75 hours of post-qualifying supervision
  • These hours must be completed over a minimum of 2 years

If you belong to a PACFA Member Association, your Upgrade Application also requires endorsement by your Member Association. PACFA will send your application to your nominated Member Association for endorsement.

Evidence required to Upgrade

When applying to Upgrade, you must provide evidence of your post-qualifying client contact and supervision hours. These hours must be signed off by your supervisor.

You can use PACFA's Supervision-and-client-contact-verification-form.

Upgrade Applications are to be completed online.

If you are eligible for membership upgrade please click the link below to make the payment.

Membership Upgrade Fee