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Accredited Supervisor

Eligible practitioners may apply for listing on the PACFA National Register as a PACFA Accredited Supervisor. PACFA Accredited Supervisors are Clinical Registrants whose practice includes the provision of professional supervision to counsellors and/or psychotherapists.

You can search for a PACFA Accredited Supervisor using the Find A Therapist search function.  For more information go to the Find a Therapist page.

The PACFA Register of Supervisors is intended to be a resource for psychotherapists and counsellors rather than being a mandatory procedure. PACFA Registrants are not required to undertake their supervision with a PACFA-accredited supervisor although they may choose to do so. This ensures practitioners have the flexibility to access supervision from a variety of sources both inside and outside PACFA.


The PACFA Supervision Training Standards set out in detail the requirements for the Supervisor training to be undertaken by Accredited Supervisors. For details please review the Supervision Training Standards.

In addition to having supervisor training that meets the requirements of the Supervision Training Standards 2020, applicants must meet the requirements of the Register Requirements for Accredited Supervisors. This policy outlines the requirements to be listed as an Accredited Supervisor on the Register:

  • Applicants must have 5 years’ practice experience including 3 years as a PACFA Clinical Registrant (or equivalent membership of a comparable Professional Association).
  • Applicants must complete a Supervisor training program which meets the Supervision Training Standards (at least 36 hours of teaching in supervision theory and practice which may take place person-to-person or via synchronous online learning, and a minimum of 10 hours of practice in the role of supervisor during the training, with 2 hours of supervision.

Previously there as a Transitional pathway but this came to an end on 30 June 2020

PACFA Accredited Supervision Programs


To apply, you can download the Accredited Supervisor Application Form. To apply you are also required to pay the accredited supervisor application fee of $155, please purchase this via your portal account here. 


Accredited Supervisors renew their Registration with PACFA annually at the same time that they renew their Clinical Register listing.

The renewal requirements are as follows:

  • The renewal requirements for Accredited Supervisors are included within the renewal requirements for clinical registrants, with some variations as detailed below.
  • Accredited Supervisors will need to demonstrate that they have completed 20 hours of Professional Development within the previous 12 months. It is recommended that 5 hours of the Professional Development relates specifically to supervision practice.
  • Accredited Supervisors will need to demonstrate that they have undertaken 15 hours of formal supervision linked to practice in the previous 12 months. It is a recommended that 5 hours of the supervision time relates specifically to supervision practice.

For more information on registration renewal, go to the Renewal Requirements page.

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