PACFA partners with cohealth to deliver a new community Mental Health and Wellbeing Local


PACFA is a supporting partner of the recently-opened Brimbank Mental Health and Wellbeing Local, which provides mental health treatment, care and support for Victorians aged 26 and over, including people with co-occurring alcohol and other drugs issues.

Located in the northwest suburb of Melbourne, the Brimbank Mental Health and Wellbeing Local is run by cohealth in partnership with Clarity Health Care and the University of Melbourne. The Local offers accessibility to mental health and wellbeing support and is a welcoming drop-in space, with no referral needed. It’s staffed by qualified mental health professionals, including Counsellors, who meet the diverse needs of communities around the state.

Cohealth aims to provide a best practice model of a multidisciplinary team utilising the varied skills and expertise of mental health clinicians. PACFA is also partnering on the next cohealth proposal for service delivery of the Melton Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub. The hubs are funded by the Victorian State Government Department of Health.

All future opportunities for PACFA members with these facilities will be announced in our eNews, social media and PACFA’s member-only jobs board.