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2 December

The Psychotherapy and Counselling Journal of Australia (PACJA) is PACFA’s online, peer-reviewed journal, edited by Registered Clinical Counsellor Jane Marsden and guest editor Dr Gávi Ansara.

The December 2022 edition features articles on…

  • Climate change-related distress within the dominant mental health paradigm

  • Climate disavowal from the standpoint of the Australian counselling profession

  • The lived experience of entry-level counsellors: what makes for a successful transition?

  • Tensions between gestalt practitioner education and the neoliberal cultural context

  • Burnout, compassion fatigue and self-care strategies among mental health practitioners

  • The role of narrative therapy in the treatment of eating disorders

  • Interpersonal rejection in women’s friendships and its implications for rumination

  • Supporting transgender autistic youth and adults

PACJA is an open-access journal, committed to promoting responsible research that meets international standards in publication ethics.

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