National Disability Insurance Scheme

Provisional and clinical members are eligible to be NDIS providers in all states and territories.

The process to apply to be a provider under the NDIS Commission can be time consuming and potentially expensive - we advise members to find out about requirements and costs prior to applying.

The application process appears to be aimed principally at organisations rather private practitioners, and therefore all applicants are required to go through a Quality Audit by one of the NDIS's approved auditors. There can be significant costs associated with the audit, which should be taken into account before applying.

Providers should be prepared to market their services to potential NDIS clients to ensure that the effort and expense of registration with the NDIS Commission is worth your while.

Please read the NDIS Commission's Provider Information Pack.

Click here for an instructional webinar on how to apply for the NDIS that PACFA ran in April 2021. 

Watch a recording of our webinar on practicing as a disability employment counsellor under the NDIS, held in October 2021. 

How to apply to be an NDIS Provider

To register as a provider, it is a requirement of the NDIS that you to have training that is government accredited (AQF level 7 to 9). Both provisional and clinical members are eligible to register as an NDIS provider.

If you have government accredited training, you are automatically accredited by PACFA to be an NDIS Provider. Your listing on the 'Find a Therapist' search includes the title 'Accredited PACFA Registrant', which enables the NDIS to identify that you meet their training requirements.

If you do not have government accredited training, you may be accredited by PACFA under grandfathering arrangements that are allowed by the NDIS Commission. This option is available to senior and experienced practitioners who completed training more than 15 years ago and who have at least 10 years of practice experience.  If you are in this category and you wish to be accredited by PACFA to be an NDIS Provider, please email [email protected].

Apply to become a provider on the NDIS Commission website.

Applicants are required to undergo a quality audit. See the list of approved auditors here.