Master Insurance Policy

PACFA has negotiated a discounted Master Insurance Policy with Insurance House for both Registered Practitioners and Educators. The policy is available to individual members of PACFA at a rate that is around 30% cheaper than the current industry standard.

The Master Insurance Policy provides $20,000,000 of professional indemnity cover, $20,000,000 of public and products liability, access to 1 hour of free legal advice per year via the Insurance House advice line, and unlimited run-off cover when you retire.

The cost of the Master Policy includes GST, stamp duty (not applicable in ACT) , and admin fee. New premiums are applied pro rata depending on when you purchase the insurance throughout the year.

New members can get up to six weeks free insurance and membership if joining from mid-May.

All charges are outlined in the table below:

 State  Full-Year Premium   August   September  October  November December Jan-mid May

 Mid May-
30 June

NSW / QLD / TAS / NT / VIC / SA / WA  $187  $181  $176  $170  $165  $160  $154  $0
 ACT  $182  $177  $171  $166  $161  $156  $151  $0


  Purchase the PACFA Master Insurance

The Master Policy Option is not open to Registered Psychologists. Please refer to the Individual Insurance page for information on how to obtain insurance as a Registered Psychologist.

 Individual Members can apply for the PACFA Master Insurance either:

  • At the time of applying for individual PACFA Membership
  • At the time of renewing for individual PACFA Membership
  • At any other time if you wish to switch to the PACFA Master Policy from your current insurance provider, you can purchase the Master Policy.

To apply you must be an Individual PACFA Member, Member Association Members are not eligible for the discounted Master Insurance Policy. Member Association Members are only eligible for Individual Insurance.

Please note that the insurance policy premium is not refundable, in full or part, if a member stops their membership.

 Further information:

Download the Notice to the Proposed Insured, which sets out some important facts about this insurance policy.

Download the Policy Wording and Insurance Policy for details of the policy.

Download the Financial Services Guide which contains terms and conditions.

Download the Approved Modalities List. Through PACFA, you are able to purchase insurance for any of these listed modalities.