Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance

Insurance House professional indemnity and public liability insurance

PACFA has arranged two insurance options with Insurance House, a national insurance broker specialising in professional indemnity insurance. While PACFA does not endorse any particular insurance company, PACFA has arranged this package so that members can access affordable insurance. It is up to practitioners to arrange their own insurance and to determine the policy that best meets their needs.

PACFA's Master Insurance Policy, with Insurance House, is a combined professional indemnity and public liability policy for individual PACFA members. It can be purchased at any time with the convenience that it can be renewed when renewing your PACFA membership.

Both policy options allow members to cover a wide range of other health modalities in addition to counselling and psychotherapy. Download the Modalities List for PACFA.

Option 1 – PACFA Master Insurance Policy (for Provisional and Clinical PACFA members only)

PACFA has negotiated a Master Insurance Policy with Insurance House for both practitioners and educators.

* The Master Insurance Policy is available to Individual PACFA Members ONLY.

** This option is not available to Registered Psychologists, please see the Individual Insurance option below

** The Master Insurance Policy option is one of the most affordable insurance products available, providing a high level of cover for a low premium.

Visit the PACFA Master Insurance Policy page for details, including how to purchase.

Option 2: Individual Insurance Policy (for Member Association members)

PACFA has negotiated an Individual Insurance Policy with Insurance House for both practitioners and educators.

* This policy is available to Individual PACFA Members and also to members of PACFA Member Associations.

** Registered Psychologists taking up the Insurance House offer are required to purchase a policy specifically designed for Registered Psychologists

For details of this insurance option, including information on how to apply, go to the Individual Insurance with Insurance House page.

PACFA receives support, in the form of sponsorship, from Insurance House to support our mission.

PACFA insurance requirements

PACFA members in the Provisional and Clinical Membership categories and all members of PACFA Member Associations who are listed on the PACFA Register are required to have professional indemnity and public liability insurance cover in place and to maintain continuous cover for the duration of their membership or registration.

Counsellors and psychotherapists in private practice and educators working in any type of teaching or training role should always take out appropriate insurance cover. If you are employed by a government or non-government agency, or by a private business, you will usually be covered by your employer’s insurance policy. However, you should check with your employer that you are fully covered for the work that you do. If your employer does not cover your counselling and/or psychotherapy work you will need to arrange your own insurance cover.