Creative arts therapy on Victorian Schools Mental Health Menu

06 December 2022


Arts therapy and music therapy are now on the Victorian Education Department Schools Mental Health Menu List.

This means that Victorian schools can use their mental health fund to engage PACFA members who are creative arts therapists. The Mental Health Menu includes a range of mental health services, such as Eating Disorder Programs, headspace counselling, the ‘Be You National Mental Health in Education’ program, and bullying prevention.

PACFA encourages all creative arts therapists to make sure they login to the Member Portal and fill out their therapist details, particularly their primary practice address or postcode, so schools can use our Find a Therapist Directory to find a creative arts therapist in their area.

The $200m Schools Mental Health Fund and Menu is a response to the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System, recognising the important role that schools play in supporting young Victorians’ mental health.

Victorian schools can purchase arts therapy or music therapy services within each tier of the 3-tier Mental Health Menu: Tier 1 (Positive Mental Health Promotion), Tier 2 (Early Intervention cohort-specific support and Tier 3 (Targeted support).

The Schools Mental Health Fund is being rolled out to schools based on their areas between 2022 and 2024, with rural and regional schools prioritised.

PACFA thanks the College of Creative and Experiential Therapies Leadership Group for their advocacy to the Victorian Government on behalf of creative arts therapist members.