Webinar recordings

PACFA offers recordings of our professional development events delivered via webinar, and these webinars are available for purchase through the PACFA Portal. If you are a PACFA member the recordings can be purchased for free, you will need to be logged in to receive the discount. Recordings won’t be available for free until 30 days after broadcast. If you wish to watch the recording before 30 days you will have to pay. Each webinar can be watched at a time that suits you, and can be used towards Category B CPD according to PACFA guidelines, unless stated otherwise.  Certificates are not provided by PACFA for Category B CPD. 

All PACFA webinars have an expiry of 1 year after the recorded date, so it is up to you to ensure you watch the recording before it expires.

Please note that additional materials, such as slides and handouts, are only available to those who register for the live webinar.

*denotes recordings that are not currently free

Relationship Counsellors – Separation and the Law

22 November 2023, Presented by Melanie Zammit

Working with Time as an existential theme in counselling

14 July 2023, Presented by Alison Strasser

Emotions in this time of climate change

27 June 2023, Presented by Merle Conyer

Identifying and Assessing Eating Disorders

 12 May 2023, Presented by Eva Vall

 Counsellors and Primary Health Network

19 April 2023, presented by Simon McMahon and Kristin Soyland

 Working with addictions

17 March 2023, presented by Olivia Jurcik

 Relationship counselling: Child sexual abuse survivors

15 March 2023, presented by Eric Hudson

 The Three Relationship Systems in Gottman Couples Therapy

08 March 2023, presented by Elizabeth Neal

 Counselling people affected by cancer

 10 February 2023, presented by Maxine Rosenfield

The ending is in the beginning: how can a gestalt focus on process support better therapeutic outcomes
13 December 2022, presented by Leanne O'shea

Digital identity, practice and me
6 December 2022, presented by Renee McDonald

Bodily communications in counselling: somatic perspective
5 December 2022, presented by Gill Westland

Life after a partner's suicide attempt
28 October 2022, presented by Dr. McGivern
Working with parents to respond collaboratively when children are experiencing emotional distress
19 October 2022, presented by Kim Billington

Being with grief, loss and sadness - Supporting older adults
17 August 2022, presented by Dr. Greg Roberts

Becoming us: A Relationship-Development framework for early Parenthood
9 August 2022, presented by Elly Taylor

Understanding grief and grieving: A process better understood by integrating theory and biology
08 July 2022, presented by Dr Judith Murray
Mindfulness, Self-Compassions and the Grief Journey 
22 June 2022, presented by Susan Delaney