PACFA exploring partnership with 'A Better Place'

13 March 2024

This collaboration would aim to underscore our shared commitment to providing comprehensive support and healing to those in need.

A Letter of Support and Commitment

Last month, PACFA CEO, Johanna De Wever issued a letter of support to Suzanne Dick, General Manager of Mental Health at Better Place Australia, in the letter Johanna expressed PACFA’s robust support for the proposed tender aimed at delivering trauma-informed therapeutic mental health services. PACFA aim to not only offer advisory support but also contribute to a future reference group, ensuring that the services provided are of the highest standard and tailored to the needs of victim-survivors.

The Expertise of PACFA Members

We pride ourselves on our diverse membership of over 8,000 nationally, boasting the highest standards for counselling and psychotherapy registration. Our members are highly qualified, with many holding specialised qualifications in relationship counselling and trauma-informed practice. This proposed partnership with Better Place Australia would leverage this vast pool of expertise to address the underutilisation of the counselling workforce, thereby enhancing community access to essential support services.

Better Place Australia: Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principles

Better Place Australia has a noble mission to help people through challenging times, striving to make a significant impact on practice and policy development while contributing to relevant community development activities. Their vision of supporting Australians through tough times and enabling positive, safer, and more confident lives aligns perfectly with PACFA's objectives.

Better Place Australia operates on guiding principles that resonate deeply with our values at PACFA. These include the belief that all people matter, the power of empowerment, the importance of innovation, and the paramountcy of personal safety. Their commitment to non-judgemental support, skill-building, and empowering individuals aligns with PACFA’s ethos of dignity, respect, and professional care.

A Community-Focused Partnership

A partnership would represent a community-focused effort to address significant gaps in support services for those affected by trauma, abuse, and mental health challenges. Better Place Australia's wide range of psychological and community support services, underpinned by evidence-based research, provides a solid foundation for this collaboration. From financial counselling to support for mental health issues and relationship improvements, their comprehensive approach to community support is commendable.