Tender for Online Counselling and Psychotherapy Training comparative analysis awarded

13 July 2023 

The University of Southern Queensland has been awarded the tender to perform a comparative analysis of evidence relating to the online training of counsellors and psychotherapists.

The aim of the research project is to evaluate evidence related to the online training of counsellors and psychotherapists to inform future revisions to the Training Standards, and is scheduled for completion in approximately six months.

The tender for the project was awarded based on a demonstrated ability to conduct research, successfully address the research questions and outcomes, write at the desired academic standard, adhere to the required timeline for the project, and have no vested interest in a particular outcome. The winning team consists of 5 researchers from the University of Southern Queensland. The researchers are: Dr India Bryce, Dr Jacqueline Harness, Dr Elisa Agostinelli, Dr Paul Scully and Dr Zahra Izadikhah.

The project, which will include both a literature review and a mixed-methods study, is being led by a PACFA member and is an important strategic undertaking for the organisation. This will contribute to PACFA’s work in the accreditation space, which is being reviewed, and which will be updated in the coming months.

As a leading professional association, PACFA looks to both research and stakeholder feedback surrounding our accreditation requirements. This is done to ensure that Australia remains relevant and internationally recognised for the training of our graduates, as well as our registration.

The Chair of PACFA’s Research Committee, Cathy Bettman, expresses her excitement about the project, and states that “this is really important research as it upholds PACFA’s philosophy of keeping abreast with international developments in the profession and its ongoing maintenance of training standards.”