Update your practice address in the Member Portal

04 November 2022 

Remember to keep your profile updated and relevant; there may be potential clients unable to find you. PACFA’s ‘Find a therapist’ directory assists the public in finding counsellors or psychotherapists by name, location and type of therapy they specialise in. Your practice address, and your post code are necessary for the radius function to work for the potential clients.

Potential clients may also search your name on our directory or the independent Australian Register of Counsellors & Psychotherapists to find out whether you’re a PACFA-registered counsellor or psychotherapist. (Only PACFA counsellors and psychotherapists are included in our search directory.)

To maximise your chances of a client finding you, update your ‘therapist details’ on the ‘member portal page on the PACFA website. Be sure to include your practice phone number, email and website; your specialisation, practice modalities, etc. 

Our directory references our records and then connects with Google maps to facilitate searches for therapists within specific location areas.

For more information on how to update your profile, visit: ‘Help your new clients find you – update your ‘Therapist details’ on the PACFA website.