Updated Ancillary Billing Standards for Medibank and ahm

Please note: Medibank and ahm have advised PACFA that handwritten Invoices will no longer be accepted. This change will be effective from 1 April 2021. See Medibank, ahm communication below:

Changes to the Ancillary Provider Recognition Criteria (APRC):
Electronically/ printed issued patient invoices

We are writing to you, as a recognised professional association of Medibank and ahm, to inform you of changes in our Ancillary Provider Recognition Criteria. From 1 April 2021,

the Recognition Criteria will be updated to reflect the requirement for electronically issued or printed invoices/ receipts.

What do providers need to do?

If patient invoices are already electronically issued, either through email or print, please ensure the receipts/invoices contain the minimum requirements as detailed in the APRC . If they do, no further action is required. However, we encourage

providers to review Medibank 's Ancillary Provider Recognition Criteria from time to time in order to ensure they are adhering to our business rules . The APRC are available on our website.

If patient accounts are not electronically issued or printed, we have allowed until 1 April 2021 for providers to adjust practice invoice procedures. After this date, full or partial handwritten invoices or receipts will not be accepted by Medibank.

Please ensure that, if necessary, providers adjust their practice invoicing procedures to meet the new and existing requirements which can be found attached or on our website.

If providers do not comply with this notice by 1 April 2021, their status as a Recognised Provider of Medibank may be reviewed and they may be suspended or cancelled.

If a provider's recognition is suspended or cancelled, we will inform them in writing that we will not pay benefits in respect of services that they provide to our members. We will also notify any member who may be affected by this change and providers will be obliged to notify members before receiving appointments for services.

If a provider would like more information on how to make this change in their systems, please contact their relevant practice software suppliers. Alternatively, please contact Medibank's Provider Helpdesk on 1300 130 460 or message us at www.medibank.com.au/ providers/messaging, Mon-Fri between 9AM - 5PM AEST/ADST.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Dunn, Head of Ancillary

Please click here to view the Updated Ancillary Billing Standards for Medibank and ahm.