Past Conferences Archive

As the peak body for psychotherapists and counsellors, PACFA takes a leading role in capturing emerging trends within the profession at its conferences.   Each PACFA conference has featured presentations and workshops centred on a single theme and has contributed to the professional development of practitioners.

2019: Working with Trauma

Aerial UTS Function Centre Sydney
The conference theme, Working with Trauma, ran across three days, this conference included pre-conference sessions, a broad line-up of keynote speakers and presenters, and panel sessions. The conference included a rich array of presenters on trauma including emerging research and practice, perspectives from therapists, clients and others, and working with specific populations. Go to the 2019 conference page to download some of the conference presentations

2016: “Transformation Through Relationship: The Heart and Soul of Therapy”

Bayview Eden, Melbourne
The conference theme, Transformation through Relationship: The Heart and Soul of Therapy, drew together aspects of integrative, spiritual, and educational practice, transforming the relationship between therapist and client, teacher and student. The encounter of being a therapist or an educator is one of connectedness and deepening; a co-created process that is the heart and soul of therapy.

2014: “Complexity & Connectedness in Life and Love”

Aerial UTS Function Centre
PACFA collaborated with ARCC (Australian Association of Relationship Counsellors) and CAPA NSW (Counsellors And Psychotherapists Association of NSW) for the Joint Biennial National Conference which was held in Sydney in June 2014.

2012: “What Works: Effectiveness in Counselling and Psychotherapy”

Treacy Centre, Parkville, Melbourne
This 7th PACFA conference brought together leading practitioner speakers from Australia and New Zealand and showcased current counselling and psychotherapy research. The conference included the launch of PACFA’s journal,PACJA(The Psychotherapy and Counselling Journal of Australia).

2011: “World Dreaming”

Darling Harbour, Sydney
From national dreaming to global dreaming, PACFA was proudly associated with the World Congress of Psychotherapy for its 6th Congress. The Congress encompassed important aspects of the psychotherapeutic tradition, interpersonal engagement, deeper understandings of subjectivity and provided dialogue and resonance with indigenous culture in Australia and New Zealand.

2009: “Australia Dreaming: Coming Together”

Hyatt Hotel in Canberra
PACFA and the Australian Counselling Association collaborated to present a joint conference in 2009. Run across four days, this conference included pre-conference sessions, a broad line-up of keynote speakers and presenters, and a panel session on psychotherapy from the perspective of indigenous therapists.

2007: “Care for the Counsellor”

Cliftons Conference Centre, Melbourne
The theme for the fourth conference was based on the premise that as the therapist is the core element in the therapeutic process, they need to ensure that they care for themselves. Keynote speakers and presenters delivered presentations on self-care, online counselling and harnessing personal power.

2006: “Essence and Spirit”

Cliftons Conference Centre, Melbourne
Keynote speakers and presenters for PACFA’s third conference came from diverse backgrounds of psychiatry, Indigenous trauma and the family court.

2005: “The effectiveness of psychotherapy and counselling”

Hilton on the Park, Melbourne
At the second conference, delegates attended presentations around the theme of clinical and research approaches in psychotherapy and counselling.

2003: “Coming of Age: Advances in Australian Psychotherapy and Counselling”

Melbourne Town Hall
PACFA’s inaugural conference was held in Melbourne in 2003. The conference featured presentations on self-regulation, ethics, accountability and psychotherapy and counselling practice.