Apply to advertise an event with PACFA

PACFA endorses a wide range of CPD events, such as workshops, short and long courses, and conferences. We accept applications from events that are suitable and relevant to the fields of counselling and psychotherapy, and meet our CPD Policy requirements.  

CPD endorsement provides you with an advertisement on the PACFA website, use of PACFA's logo, and a listing on PACFA's monthly events email to our 4000+ strong mailing list.

To ensure your CPD event is included in the monthly email, the deadline for copy and payment is the 10th of the month in the month of publication.

Processing time
Please allow:
2 working days processing time for individual applications
5 working days processing time for bulk applications

The application form is an interactive PDF - please submit a typed interactive version as an email attachment, as other formats will not be accepted.

To apply to endorse a CPD event, download and complete the Application for CPD Event Endorsement form, and submit to [email protected]

All applications are assessed in accordance with the CPD Event Endorsement Terms & Conditions.