PACFA Colleges provide a focus for members of the College, who come from particular psychotherapy or counselling modalities or who have other shared professional interests, and who meet the standards of admission to the College, to collaborate and advance members’ interests.

PACFA Colleges were first established in 2016:

College Membership

Individual PACFA membership includes membership of one PACFA College of the member’s choice. Members may join additional Colleges for a small annual fee.

PACFA Registrants who belong to a PACFA Member Association are eligible to join PACFA Colleges for a small annual fee.

For College membership fees, see the Schedule of Fees.

Membership of some Colleges requires members to meet additional membership requirements over and above the PACFA membership requirements. For details, please see the page for each College or download the College Membership Requirements below:

Role of PACFA Colleges

PACFA Colleges may: 
  • Develop and promote practice standards and guidelines
  • Sponsor and foster research
  • Promote the work and professional identity of members who meet the College’s admission standards
  • Provide continuing professional development
  • Provide opportunities for networking and peer support
  • Produce journals and other professional resources

Forming PACFA Colleges

Applications to establish a College meet the following criteria:

  • The College’s admission standards are equal to or higher than PACFA’s professional standards
  • There is a body of literature that supports the College’s modality or other area of shared professional interest
  • Members of the College are in good standing with the profession and have established links within PACFA
  • Members of the College Leadership Team are eligible for  clinical membership of the College
  • The application explains how the College’s membership numbers are sufficient to be viable and effective as a College and identifies opportunities for membership growth
  • The College’s purpose and activities align with PACFA’s constitutional objectives and the College is not established  as an alumni association for a single training program
  • The College has an annual plan of activities

For information about forming a new PACFA College, please contact the CEO via [email protected]

College Leadership Group Elections

Leadership Group Elections are held every two years please see nomination forms for the 2021 Elections below. Please note Leadership Group nominations close on 24 September 2021