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PACFA represents and regulates Counsellors, Psychotherapists and Indigenous Healing Practitioners across Australia. With more than 6000 members, PACFA has the highest standards for membership and registration. 67% of our membership are postgraduate qualified. PACFA is the only counselling organisation with full membership of Allied Health Professionals Australia and is a qualifying member of the National Alliance of Self-Regulated Health Professionals.

PACFA is committed to disseminate and facilitate evidence-informed research to contribute and enhance the evidence base of the Counselling and Psychotherapy profession as well as to ensure best practice in training and practice.

Systematic Literature Reviews

Reviewing effectiveness and outcome studies for all types of therapy covered by the PACFA Sections.

Occasional Research Papers
PACFA now publishes occasional research papers relevant to PACFA’s research mission

Psychotherapy and Counselling: Reflections on Practice (no longer in print)
An edited book of contributions from the field, demonstrating the effectiveness of counselling and psychotherapy.

2020 Workforce Survey
A survey of practitioners to collect data about the workforce and provide valuable information for current or prospective therapists, for training providers, and for key stakeholders such as Government.

Read A Snapshot of the Counselling and Psychotherapy Workforce in Australia in 2020: Underutilised and Poorly Remunerated, Yet Highly Qualified and Desperately Needed, published in Psychotherapy and Counselling Journal of Australia (

Converge International White Paper: "Counselling Efficacy between Professions: A comparison between Counsellors, Psychologists and Social Workers delivering Employment Assistance Programs"
This paper explores the data, perceived similarities, differences and overall efficacy of different groups of mental health professionals delivering counselling support to employees through their organisation’s employee assistance program. Converge International found that counsellors were significantly better at establishing rapport, and understanding and solving the client's issue than psychologists. 

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