Victims Services NSW

Clinical PACFA members can apply to become an approved counsellor with Victims Services in New South Wales. 

Victims Services is a government agency and is part of the NSW Department of Justice. Victims Services provide counselling to victims of crime and their families, as well as the family and friends of missing people.

The approved counselling service supports people who often have complex trauma symptoms. This includes counselling services for the National Redress Scheme for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Counselling is provided to victims of crime on a short-term basis of up to 22 hours, with a clear focus on rehabilitation, and aims to assist victims recover from the psychological and emotional impacts the crime has had on them.

The application process to become an approved counsellor with Victims Services can take up to 12 months. Acceptance to provide services is at the discretion of Victims Services NSW where there is a shortage of suitable providers.

Clinical PACFA members who have existing clients with Victims Support Packages in need of care may wish to consider applying for 'Interim Counsellor' status. Approval as an Interim Counsellor will allow you to provide a counselling service to a specific client under the approved counselling service. Approval as an Interim Counsellor will only be given if you have a pre-existing therapeutic relationship with the client and/or another compelling reason that would prevent the client from using an existing approved counsellor. Applications to become an Interim Counsellor can take 4-6 weeks to be processed once received.

Clinical PACFA members fall under the eligibility requirements as a discretionary appointment. 

Visit the Victims Service website for further information and to apply.