Remuneration increase for PACFA community CPD presenters: recognising expertise and supporting quality

12 February 2024

PACFA is pleased to announce a significant increase in the honorarium for our community CPD presenters. Effective from 1 February 2024, the new rate will be $650 plus GST, covering the delivery of a comprehensive 2-hour presentation, including up to 2 hours for planning, preparation, technical checks, presenter practice sessions, and coordination meetings with the relevant PACFA leadership group and PACFA Professional Development Coordinator.

This increase reflects the high value and expertise our presenters, recognised as subject matter experts within their field, bring to PACFA's community CPD events organised by our Branches, Colleges and Interest Groups. We believe that this increase will further encourage expert presenters to contribute to high quality content, ensuring that our community CPD events continue to offer the best in professional knowledge and practice.

The high quality of PACFA CPD remains a priority for us and we are committed to ensuring its integrity. This includes providing greater support for our presenters, ensuring alignment with PACFA’s organisational values and mission, and adhering consistently to our CPD endorsement parameters. These parameters ensure that all our CPD activities are evidence-informed, address issues relating to ethical conduct, diversity, and emerging practice, and remain relevant to clinical practice in an Australian context.

Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to excellence in counselling and psychotherapy. We look forward to your continued contributions to our community CPD events.

To view a list of PACFA’s upcoming community and endorsed CPD events, please click here.

To apply for CPD endorsement, please visit this page and follow the prompts.