Requirements for private health fund providers

03 October 2022

Members who are private health fund providers have to provide a new first aid certificate to PACFA at least a month before their old one expires, as a current first aid certificate is a condition of having private health fund registration.

Send a copy of your ‘Provide First Aid Certificate HLTAID003/ HLTAID011’ via email to [email protected] at least one month before your old certificate expires. Please include the name(s) of the health fund(s) and your provider number(s).

If your ‘Provide First Aid certificate HLTAID003/HLTAID011’ expires, and PACFA has not received a new one, your provider numbers will be closed.

Private health fund providers must also have current professional indemnity and public liability insurance. If audited by PACFA or a health fund, a ‘Certificate of Currency’ must be sent within seven days of receiving a written request. Members who have purchased Insurance through PACFA can contact Master Insurance House ([email protected]) directly to get a copy of your Certificate of Currency.  

Visit the Private health funds page of the PACFA website for more information about private health fund provider requirements.