Remind your university to nominate outstanding students for PACFA’s Student Awards

PACFA has announced its National Awards Scheme for 2021. We are again offering the PACFA Outstanding Graduate Prize for the most outstanding final year students who graduate from PACFA-accredited counselling or psychotherapy programs.

The National Awards Scheme was established in 2016 to recognise the outstanding academic achievements of counselling and psychotherapy graduates in Australia. For information about the PACFA Awards Scheme, see the publicity flyer.

One winner may be selected by each institution that is accredited by PACFA. In 2021, 31 institutions are eligible to select a winner for the Outstanding Graduate Prize.

The prize encourages academic excellence in the discipline of counselling and psychotherapy while also supporting training providers to be stay engaged with PACFA as a peak body for the counselling and psychotherapy profession.

For queries about the PACFA Awards Scheme, please contact [email protected].