Graduating students, join PACFA as a provisional new graduate for a 25% discount

PACFA recognises that counselling and psychotherapy graduates can take time to build a practice or earning capacity within their profession – but still need the support of a professional organisation. 

That’s why we offer our early-career members a significantly discounted ‘provisional new graduate’ membership. The annual provisional new graduate rate is $103 less than the annual full membership rate. The discount is applied pro rata, so if you upgrade in February, a pro rata discount will be applied for your provisional new graduate membership until your membership is due for renewal at the end of June. When you renew in your first year as a provisional new graduate, the annual discount applies.  

Anyone who has completed their counselling/psychotherapy training within 2 years of applying to PACFA is eligible to apply as a provisional new graduate, with its discounted rate. 

The provisional new graduate rate is one way that PACFA supports members as they progress through their counselling and psychotherapy career. 

Graduating students, apply to upgrade to a provisional new graduate PACFA membership.