New partnership with Marathon Health

PACFA has formed an exciting new partnership with Marathon Health to provide professional development, employment, and referral opportunities to our members. 

Marathon Health is a not-for-profit, registered charity with a vision of enabling communities to thrive through improved health and wellbeing. They are one of the few health organisations largely based in country Australia with the core purpose to develop and deliver health and wellbeing services in partnership with communities. Marathon Health are passionate advocates for equal access to quality health services for people wherever they choose to live.

Marathon Health also operates 6 headspace centresClinical members with a Bachelor or Master’s qualification in counselling and/or psychotherapy are now eligible for employment as a headspace clinician at any of Marathon Health’s centres.

Additionally, employment opportunities with Marathon Health are now open to provisional and clinical PACFA members where appropriate. Registered PACFA members are also eligible for contractor work and referrals to their private practice through Marathon Health’s contractor opportunities.

Marathon Health offers several training and professional development opportunities that are open to all PACFA members.

PACFA is looking forward to working collaboratively with Marathon Health to encourage greater utilisation of counsellors and psychotherapists in the Australian mental health workforce.

Read more about Marathon Health.