Private Health Update

Bupa counselling rebates widely available

Bupa has surpassed 3 million members in Australia, many of whom are entitled to counselling and psychotherapy rebates.

If you are a PACFA Clinical member you may be eligible to become a provider for Bupa to offer your services to customers from one of Australia’s largest Health Funds.

With counselling and psychotherapy becoming increasingly available in products and premiums, and telehealth a permanent fixture, it is clear that becoming a provider for Bupa is highly beneficial. 

Bupa offers counselling and psychotherapy in all ‘Top Extras’ cover and within the majority of premium packages under the title of ‘Mental Health’. This is a well-coordinated and broad scheme which PACFA supports and administers for to make counselling more accessible and affordable for your clients.

PACFA supports all clinical members who meet eligibility requirements to become providers for our increasing number of health funds; Medibank Private, ahm, Police Health, Emergency Services Health, Phoenix Health, CUA Health, St Luke's Health and BUPA.

Becoming a provider for a Private Health Fund is very straightforward. Our application form is easy and takes only a couple of minutes to complete. Please complete this form to start the application process, you will find the eligibility and recognition criteria at the start of the form. Feel free to contact the PACFA membership team at [email protected] for assistance with this process.

For more information on Bupa specific rebates and the terms and conditions please see this webpage.

Click here for more information on the other Private Health Funds PACFA members are eligible for.

Application Form


HiCAPS Announcement 

We are delighted to announce that after working closely with HiCAPS on a pilot project, HiCAPS facilities are available to all PACFA Registrants. PACFA Clinical members can now apply for a HICAPS terminal and offer your clients the convenience of electronic claiming.  

Initially, only Medibank will be available for on the spot claiming through HICAPS terminal.  The team at HiCAPS is working with other health funds to add them to their counselling claims network. 

There are no set-up costs to install a HiCAPS machine, just a Monthly Terminal Rental Fee of $25 which includes both HICAPS & EFTPOS transactions. Additional costs include a debit fee of 25 cents per transaction and a credit card fee of 0.6% , [lus Visa and MasterCard Interchange Fees, or AMEX Merchant Service Fee 1.50% (excl. GST). 

For more information on HICAPS benefits and features go to here.


ARHG Training 

ARHG have advised that they will be offering a new course to PACFA Members to help them navigate Private health insurance. The course content is suitable for PACFA Members with ARHG Provider Numbers, and falls under the offerings that ARHG have for “Alternative Therapy Providers”. This course will be of particular interest to members who currently hold or are applying for a provider number with ARHG. 

 See below for more information, provided by ARHG, about this course. 

Private Health Insurance from a Provider’s Perspective 

Learn everything you need to know about Private Health insurance, online and in your own time 

The Alternative therapy providers and private health insurance online course has been designed to give providers the information they need about private health insurance.  

By completing the course, you will learn: 

  • how the private health insurance industry is regulated 
  • the criteria for being recognised on the ARHG alternative therapy database*  
  • how to obtain and maintain an ARHG provider number 
  • how clients can claim for your services

Hundreds of providers have already completed the course, and this is what they’re saying… 

Once you have successfully completed the course, you will: 

  • receive a digital credential that can be shared on social media platforms, embedded on a webpage, shared digitally to a new or potential employer, downloaded for a resume or email signature or downloaded for print 
  • have access to a range of resources that can be printed for later use
  • understand how to become or remain accredited with ARHG. 

The course costs $35 (plus GST) and is delivered through ARHG’s online training platform, QualiPHI. For more information and to register, visit the QualiPHI website.  

*ARHG is the facilitator of the ARHG recognised provider listing; a list of alternative therapy providers that meet a set of accreditation standards. The database is used by 32 private health funds to determine if claims for alternative therapy services can be paid.