Suspending and Reactivating membership and registration

From time to time, practitioners let their membership or registration go, either because they were not able to meet the annual PD and supervision requirements, or simply because they did not get their renewal information (CPD, Client Hours and Supervision logs) completed on time.

PACFA has developed a process to make it easier for Members and Registrants who have let their membership or registration lapse to come back to PACFA. Please Note: The PACFA Training Standards changed in April 2018 and you will need to check if you are eligible to reactivate.

For details, download the Suspension and Reactivation Policy for PACFA Members and Registrants.

How to suspend

Members and Registrants may choose to suspend their PACFA membership or registration and may apply to reactivate their membership or registration within a five year period when they wish to return to PACFA. The option of reactivating within five years is also automatically extended to Members and Registrants who do not complete their PACFA renewals at the normal renewal time.

PACFA Members in practicing membership categories and other PACFA Registrants may apply to suspend their registration for up to five year in the following circumstances:

  • You have not met PACFA’s annual membership/registration renewal requirements
  • You are experiencing financial difficulties and therefore cannot continue your membership/registration

To suspend your PACFA membership or registration for up to five years, please advise the PACFA Office via email to

If you choose to suspend your membership or registration you are no longer listed on the PACFA Register and are not endorsed by PACFA to practice. You cannot represent yourself as a PACFA Member or Registrant or use the PACFA logo or post-nominal.

How to reactivate

You can reactivate your PACFA membership or registration at any time within five years of it being suspended.

There is no need to provide proof of CPD or supervision completed while your membership was suspended. However, you will be required to commit to completing PACFA’s annual renewal requirements for supervision and Continuing Professional Development as a condition of reactivating your membership or registration.

To apply to reactivate your membership or registration, please follow this simple process:

1. Complete the PACFA Reactivation Application Form and pay the Application Fee.

2. Provide proof of:

  • current professional indemnity insurance
  • current Member Association membership (applies to Member Association members only)

3. Complete declarations that you agree to meet PACFA’s membership/registration requirements:

  • abide by the PACFA Code of Ethics and Constitution
  • undertake the annual requirements for supervision and Continuing Professional Development