Am I Doing Good? Seminar Series


Am I Doing Good? Seminar Series

Presenter: Liz Scarfe


A seminar series for clinicians to become more aware of systems of inequity that shape our culture and our profession; how we benefit from them and keep reproducing them, how they manifest in the lives of our clients, and how we might do better at 'doing good'.

The series uses five global social theories to explore how inequity and oppression are replicated in our profession and how they can appear in clinical presentations and the therapeutic relationship. The topics intersect but also stand alone, so participants can come to whichever seminars they like:
Structural Violence – 25 Jan
Neoliberalism – 8 Feb
Settler-Colonialism – 22 Feb
The Therapeutic State – 8 Mar
The Mental Health Industrial Complex – 22 Mar

The goal of the seminar series is to not only learn together new ways to critically analyse our work, but to expand our capacity for self-critique as a sector such that we can 'do better'.

Liz Scarfe is a process-oriented psychotherapist in private practice, specialising in working with people with complex trauma, and the Executive Director of Australia New Zealand Process Oriented Psychology teaching institute. Long fascinated with the concept of 'doing good', Liz's studies in Critical Medical Anthropology (Culture, Health and Medicine at ANU) inform this seminar series. She is also a teaching faculty member with Process Work India.

Full topic descriptions and seminar structure information on the website. 

This course counts as 2.5 hours of Category A CPD for PACFA renewal requirements. 

25/01/2022 6:00 PM - 22/03/2022 8:30 PM
AUS Eastern Daylight Time

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