Teaching skills to manage and calm strong emotions

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Teaching self-regulation skills to manage and calm strong emotions - Effective assessment & responses to traumatised clients on a path to recovery

Presenter: Jackie Burke

Many clients consult helping professionals because they are experiencing difficulties with dysregulation. Heightened anxiety, anger, low motivation and dysphoria are all indicators of dysregulation.

After traumatic experiences it is common for the nervous system to get stuck in a hyper aroused and/or hypo aroused state leading to difficulties with relaxation, concentration, focus, sleep, emotion regulation and orientation to time and place. Dysregulation in the nervous system can compound over time as people try to cope with associated distress by avoiding or self-medicating.

This course will provide the skills to effectively teach clients to regulate their nervous systems and emotions. Techniques for assisting hyper arousal and hypo arousal are taught and participants will directly experience these skills as well as taking away tools for conveying them effectively to their clients.

Stressors from work and daily life commonly impair healthiest functioning, and research shows that emergency and helping professionals experience far greater rates of PTSD and PTSD-type symptoms than the general population, yet as clinicians working with dysregulated people it is imperative that we maintain healthy regulation as we work. Whilst learning how to teach self-regulation skills to clients, participants will also finesse their ability to maintain a state of calm, centred responsiveness, thereby maximising our effectiveness with clients.

Participants will take away a toolkit of effective strategies to manage dysregulation and restore a balanced regulated state within their clients and themselves.
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21/10/2021 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
AUS Eastern Daylight Time

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