Attachment Theory in Clinical Practice

Attachment theory has been one of the most influential theories in psychology over the last century and is one of the mainstays of undergraduate psychology courses across the country. This workshop aims to reach into the depths of our undergraduate training and reinvigorate and extend our knowledge of how to apply attachment theory in our everyday practice; to inspire practitioners to use this rich psychological theory as a framework to enhance our formulations, interactions and treatment plans for our patients/clients of all ages. 

This course starts at the very basics of attachment theory and builds towards more advanced applications to clinical treatment. Part of the beauty of attachment theory is both its simplicity and its complexity and so this course is suitable for both newcomers to attachment theory as well as those with significant prior theoretical knowledge. 

Filled with vibrant animated videos, quizzes, case studies and other activities - this course has been designed to appeal to most learning styles. A CPD certificate is available upon successful completion for 8 hours.

This couse can count towards 8 hours of Category B CPD. 

To register, please see here.