Research Committee

The PACFA Research Committee oversees implementation of PACFA’s important role relating to research.

The PACFA Board provides direction on research priorities as detailed in PACFA's Strategic Plan.

PACFA has two major roles in relation to research:

  • disseminating information to the profession about the evidence informed practices relating to counselling and psychotherapy;
  • facilitating and commissioning high quality, original research, including literature searches and reviews, into the processes and outcomes of counselling and psychotherapy. Particular focus is given to areas that are important for the profession’s development, particularly where research activity in Australia has been underdeveloped to date; and areas that underpin PACFA’s position in policy and advocacy initiatives.

Research Committee members

Dr Alexandra Bloch-Atefi, Lecturer, School of Public Health, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Adelaide, South Australia

Deputy Chair:

Dr Tristan Snell, Lecturer, Master of Counselling, Monash University, Victoria

Committee members:
Dr Cathy Bettman, Senior Lecturer, Program Coordinator for the Master of Counselling, Discipline Coordinator of the Counselling major, The University of Notre Dame, Sydney NSW
Dr Elizabeth Day, Senior Lecturer, Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy, Australian College of Applied Psychology, and Senior Lecturer, Master of Psychotherapy, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
Dr Angela Mornane, Lecturer, Master of Counselling and Offshore Student Advisor & Lecturer, Faculty of Education, Monash University, Clayton, Victoria
Gina O’Neill, Registered Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Educator, NSW


Composition of the Research Committee

There shall be up to six people appointed to Research Committee who will provide a range of viewpoints based on their experience.

The Research Committee will comprise the following members:

  • A Chair appointed by the Board on the recommendation of the Committee. The Chair must be a PACFA member or a member of a PACFA Member Association, have a Higher Degree Research qualification, experience in conducting and publishing research and a demonstrated understanding of ethical issues in the conduct of research;
  • Up to five additional members, comprising of a member of the College of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Healing Practices (CATSIHP) and ordinary PACFA members or members of PACFA Member Associations, who have a higher degree research qualification and are research-active; or other relevant qualifications and experience;
  • Up to two other experts, who have higher degree research qualifications, experience in conducting and publishing research and a demonstrated understanding of ethical issues in the conduct of research, who may be invited to act as external advisors as need arises. These individuals do not necessarily have to be PACFA Members;
  • One other person who is a member of a relevant national body representing Aboriginal health and wellbeing, consumers and/or carers, or other cultural or social groups may be invited to contribute on relevant matters as need arises. These members are not expected to be PACFA Members.


Terms of Reference

Download the Research Committee Terms of Reference for full details of the Research Committee's role.

For research enquiries email the PACFA office.