Somatic Psychotherapy

Ernst Meyer (Convenor) is a somatic/body-inclusive psychotherapist who has been in private practice since 2012. Originally from Bavaria (Germany), he had careers in the police force, the IT industry and project management before moving into psychotherapy. As a trauma therapist he works with stress resulting from traumatic incidents as well as expressions and symptoms of separation, loss, neglect, physical, emotional or sexual abuse. Traumatic stress affects how we look at – and feel about – the world around us, how we feel within ourselves, how we think and act. It is the focus of his therapeutic work. His contemporary approach to somatic psychotherapy is informed by trauma research, neuroscience, infant research, humanistic and relational theories as well as continental philosophy. His goal is to re-introduce a contemporary psychotherapy training program into Australia.

Veronik Verkest (Deputy Convenor) practices as a contemporary somatic psychotherapist in private practice. She specialises in inter-subjectivity, attuning to the mind-body of individuals impacted by unresolved trauma. She draws on several contemporary developments (attachment theory, neurobiology, embodiment, trauma and developmental theory) as well as her training in AcuEnergeticsTM. She is a teacher of MBSR and previously volunteered in the after-hours counselling program at ACON. She has a Diploma of Contemporary Somatic Psychotherapy, Master of Counselling & Applied Psychotherapy with an MBA, BSc (Biochem) and extensive experience in the corporate world and life.

Anna McKie’s life journey meandered through studies in mathematics, computer science and education, working in the organics industry and co-ordinating international conferences, before doing a Diploma in Contemporary Somatic Psychotherapy at the Australian College of Contemporary Somatic Psychotherapy under Jeff Barlow. Anna has been a Somatic Psychotherapist in private practice since 2008 and also works part-time as a specialist trauma counsellor on the 1800 Respect phone service. Anna works in an embodied, relational, trauma informed, empathic way with clients and is passionate about the intersubjective space, attachment theory, contemporary trauma theory, the body in therapy including therapeutic touch, and neuroscience and its relation to psychotherapy. In addition to the Somatic Psychotherapy Leadership Group, Anna is also a member of the College of Psychotherapy Leadership Group.