Free job advertising

PACFA offers a free service to provide employers of counsellors and psychotherapists with free job advertising.

If you are advertising a role that involves counselling or psychotherapy services, have you considered whether a registered counsellor or psychotherapist could be a suitable match for your role?

Job vacancies are advertised to registered PACFA practitioners only. This enables us to assist employers to match counselling or psychotherapy jobs with candidates who are suitably qualified and who are registered with PACFA.

Our free job advertisements also extend to:

  • Training providers that employ trainers and educators in the counselling and psychotherapy education field.
  • PACFA members who have a private practice.

PACFA-registered practitioners are fully qualified to provide counselling or psychotherapy services. They all meet the standards required by the PACFA Training Standards and work to the PACFA Code of Ethics. To maintain their practice competencies, PACFA-registered practitioners are required to meet annual requirements for clinical supervision and professional development.

Advertisements should include the following information:
The name and contact details (email and phone) of a contact person advertising the job vacancy.
A brief description about the organisation.

An adequate description of the work being offered which should include:
Job title
Experience required
Application closing date
Your logo and a website link to the Position Description*

Please email the details to [email protected]

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