eNews Advertising

PACFA offers a unique and exclusive means for advertisers to reach professionals and students with the latest research, learning opportunities, and industry news. The eNews includes opportunities, events, courses, services and products relevant to counselling and psychotherapy.


Thank you for your interest in advertising with us. PACFA accepts advertising in its eNews that reflects the needs and interests of its members and is consistent with the Association’s core objectives.

The eNews is produced monthly and is launched the first week of every month from February to December.


All advertising needs to be submitted 5 business days before the first of the next month. The eNews is sent out on the first week of each month.

Requirements for eNews Advertisements:

• No more than 100 words (including a URL)
• Logo


Advertisements in PACFA’s eNews are taken services and products relevant to counselling and psychotherapy, download and complete the Advertising booking form and submit to [email protected]

All applications to advertise with PACFA are assessed in accordance with the Advertising policy & guidelines.

Advertising booking form

Advertising booking form 2020

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We welcome your feedback and input in the form of news, views, letters, articles etc. Please forward these to [email protected].