Counselling & Psychotherapy with Older People - Recording

Counselling & Psychotherapy with Older People - Recording
This session will give an overview of distress experiences that adults can face late in life whether living independently or in care. Collectively these experiences will relate to grief or loss, depression, stress, anxiety, risk factors and/or trauma. Special mention will be made of COVID-19 stress. Attendees will come away more fully informed about the diverse range of clients and situations that therapists may encounter for this demographic. The presentation will also cover how to overcome barriers to engagement for those unfamiliar with therapy, key assessment tools, how to adapt evidence-based modalities to suit a range of complexities and ethical considerations. The speaker will provide attendees with a rich practice informed presentation as well as an opportunity for questions and answers at the end of each segment. This session is suitable for counsellors and psychotherapists either wanting to prepare themselves for our ageing population or who currently have older adults as their core client group.

Felcity Chapman:

Felicity is an accredited mental health social worker who has extensive qualifications and experience in counselling and psychotherapy. In the last twelve years she has specialized in work with older adults in the community and in care. Currently she is senior clinician at Sonder and program coordinator of the Residential Wellbeing program which is an in reach psychotherapy service for residents of care homes. She’s also a novelist, University guest speaker, and author of Counselling and Psychotherapy with Older People in Care: A Support Guide, which offers a fresh approach to work with older adults who might not have self-referred but whose need of psychological support is high.

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