Working with the trauma of narcissistic abuse - Recording

Working with the trauma of narcissistic abuse - Recording
PACFA Queensland Branch Webinar: Working with the trauma of narcissistic abuse

Presented by Tania Cusack

14 May 2021

When brainwashing and existential trauma from narcissistic abuse are combined it is so much harder to untangle. Boundaries self esteem building and motivational interviewing alone won’t cut the mustard. What tips and therapies have experts shared over the years in their networks? This workshop will also reveal a new tool used for shifting both therapists and clients into a holistic focus for healing existential trauma.

Presenter: Tania Cusack

Tania is passionate about effective therapy and sharing knowledge among therapists. Over the last ten years, as a trauma therapist Tania has focused on narcissistic abuse and sexual assault. She has also spent six years researching and networking globally with therapists forging pathways into understanding narcissistic abuse. Her post grad education encompasses a Masters of Counselling, a Masters of Research (by thesis - Psychology, Narcissistic Abuse), and a Masters of Social Work.

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