Culturally Informed, Trauma Integrated, Healing - Recording

Culturally Informed, Trauma Integrated, Healing - Recording
Dadirri – Inner Deep Listening and Quiet Still Awareness
Working with Indigenous community members.

Realising the widespread impact of generational trauma for Indigenous Australians by exploring ‘history of place’.

Rebuilding connection to community, family and kin, country, culture, body-mind and spirit-spirituality through;
• Creating culturally safe environments.
• Finding and telling our stories.
• Making sense of the stories.
• Feeling the feelings.
• Moving through layers of loss and grief to ownership choices.
• Strengthening cultural and spiritual identities.


Antonia Burke

We Al-Li Lead Facilitator of national workshops and programs. Provides Indigenous cultural healing and trauma response training nationally. She co-designs and delivers Young Women’s Cultural Healing and Empowerment Programs.
Lead Facilitator of National delivery of We Al-Li’s Culturally Informed Trauma Integrated Healing Approach.

• Graduate Certificate in Indigenous Trauma Recovery Practice - University of Wollongong.
• Associate Faculty Member of Gestalt Therapy Australia.
• Lecturer at Griffith University – Trauma Integrated Practice with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

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