Do and Think Differently – Using your privilege - Recording

Do and Think Differently – Using your privilege - Recording
Racism is a barbaric form of genocide that only serves to enforce and perpetuate colonial violence. This genocide is enacted not only through physical violence, but also through administrative and social means, including through the actions of counsellors, psychotherapists, supervisors, and practitioner training programs. For generations, racism has continuously removed the freedom of my people. It eradicates and racialises peoples that are other than white. In our black lives, despair is reality and freedom is distant. I will be exploring ways for counsellors, psychotherapists, and supervisors to recognise colonial privilege and white privilege, and explain why addressing privilege is necessary for genuinely helpful therapeutic practice. I will then discuss ways for practitioners to use these privileges to challenge stereotypes and misinformation to elevate our voices and ensure accurate messages about our lives and lived experiences, so we too can taste freedom.

Tanya Quakawoot

Tanya Quakawoot is an Indigenous Recovery Specialist of Aboriginal and South Sea Islander descent. They identify as a queer Black person using the pronouns they/them. Tanya holds a Bachelor of Justice (Critical Criminology) and a Graduate Certificate in Indigenous Trauma Recovery Practice. Tanya has extensive experience in federal law enforcement operations and LGBTIQ+BrotherBoy & SisterGirl health advocacy. Tanya is the co-founder of IndigiLez Leadership and Support Group for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Lesbians.

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