Working Effectively from a Somatic Perspective - Recording

Working Effectively from a Somatic Perspective - Recording
Working for the NHS in a time-restrictive non-touch and goal-oriented environment for nearly 20 years, Courtenay will outline how he collaborates with patients from a somatic psychotherapy perspective and how this differs from how he engages with clients in a clinical practice outside of the NHS. Courtenay works from the perspective of being an embodied therapist, able to relate with patients and clients at a variety of different levels. He promotes pragmatically: ‘what works’ for the client, as well as ‘what works’ in counselling and psychotherapy.

Presenter: Courtenay Young

Courtenay is a well-known British Body Psychotherapist, who trained originally in Gerda Boyesen’s Biodynamic Psychotherapy and has had direct experience in several other somatic methods and also works with people in crisis and Spiritual Emergencies.

He now works as a counsellor and psychotherapist in the UK-NHS, as well as having a private practice. He is also the editor of the International Journal of Psychotherapy and publishes edited books on Body Psychotherapy. Courtenay taps into a wealth of knowledge and information and presents it simply and experientially.

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