How to work with anxiety in the therapeutic space- Recording
PACFA SA Presents: How to work with anxiety in the therapeutic space

COVID-19 has heightened and amplified the most common presentation in therapy: anxiety.
We are all coping with grappling the technology; delivering our services via phone and video link; the existential anxiety of what our future will look like and the loss of the co-regulation we all depend on with our family and friends.
Anxiety does not change the way it works, only what it attaches to. Anxiety hooks us into a spiralling narrative and as such it can be an invisible contagion (parallel process) experienced in the therapy room, sabotaging the best intensions of the therapist and client.
More than ever we need to be supporting our clients, and ourselves, to feel safer internally.
Log on and explore:
• Whose anxiety is in charge
• How you can know your anxiety better, so it becomes a familiar old friend rather than an enemy
• How you can support your client to better manage their anxiety
• When anxiety can be helpful in therapy and when is it detrimental


Fiona Griffith

Fiona is a Clinical Counsellor, Supervisor and Educator in Melbourne's inner North who has been in private practice in since 2000. She has a background in education and has taught and had counselling roles in primary, secondary, and tertiary education. She taught various courses in the counselling post graduate program of the University of South Australia in Adelaide, also delivering this material in Hong Kong and Singapore. She has two decades of experience writing and delivering CPD for the counselling profession. Fiona’s work has recently focused on on-line delivery of counselling and supervisory services. Fiona is currently on the leadership group for the PACFA College of Counselling and a board member and secretary for the Australasian Association of Supervision.

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