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Working with addictions

Working with addictions
This webinar, based on years of experience as practitioner, volunteer support and a lived experience discusses:
• Understanding addiction as a disease (therefore influencing our treatment approach)
• Understanding the roles that family/loved ones play in the life of an addict (and how to change this)
• Importance of setting and maintaining boundaries,
• What recovery looks like (for the individual and the family/loved ones)

This PD is aimed at individuals with varying levels of knowledge and experience in this AOD field. The PD aims to educate those at the beginner level, whilst providing an alternative view and more holistic approach to those who already have experience in the area. The PD aims at providing education, information and skills at a practical level that you can use with clients both in a one on one or group setting. This PD targets practitioners with a special interest in helping clients with alcohol/substance abuse issues in their life, with a goal of abstinence rather than harm minimisation. If you work with clients with AOD issues (regardless of whether that is your focus of treatment) understanding these foundational AOD skills will assist in guiding your work and achieving client outcomes.
Presenter: Olivia Jurcik
Olivia completed a Bachelor of Psychological Science and a Graduate Diploma of Counselling and has been working professionally as a Counsellor since 2016. Olivia prides herself with her warmth, empathy and unconditional positive regard, whilst challenging clients to achieve personal growth and insight. Olivia holds a strong passion for her work within the AOD space having completed both prac and volunteer roles at Drug Arm and Logan House for 2 years prior to her employment in her current role, providing 8 years of professional experience and a history of lived experience. Olivia uses a range of modalities in her work, including CBT, ACT and solution- focused therapy to assist the individual needs of each client.
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