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Understanding Dementia in counselling setting

Understanding Dementia in counselling setting
Dementia is one of the leading chronic health issues in the world today. In Australia it is the leading cause of death in women and the 2nd leading cause of death for men. Few people are not directly or indirectly affected by it. As a neurological condition, it directly affects cognition, memory and behaviour, and in the later stage: physical health. Dementia is a confronting illness and significantly misunderstood, both in the community and in professional circles. Indirectly, it also affects family members living with and caring for someone with a diagnosis of dementia, including people under the age of 65. From a counsellor’s viewpoint, there are many opportunities to engage with people living with a diagnosis of dementia and their support networks. As health professionals, we are always working in the areas of grief and loss, and helping people and their families come to terms with any terminal illness is a crucial focus of our profession. More and more, our profession is formally working with carers and in the Aged Care space and an understanding of this serious and pervasive condition is important to enable us to work more effectively with our clients and their families.

In this PD recording you will learn:

• Basic understanding of dementia
• Prevalence of the condition
• Types of dementia
• How counsellors can help, both Carers and people living with a diagnosis
• Therapeutic interventions that have been found helpful
• Where to find more information and training
This event is aimed all levels of allied health professional as we will encounter clients who are impacted by this serious chronic health issues, both professionally and personally

Facilitator: Bernadette Milsted
Bernadette have been practicing as a professional counsellor for over 25 years and prior to that was in Pastoral ministry. She has recently retired from 10 years working with Dementia Australia where she was able to provide counselling, support, and education for people living with dementia, their families and support networks. She has personal experience of her mother who lived and has since died with dementia. She is currently in part time private practice, allowing her a better work/life balance. She holds a Masters in Couples and Relationship Counselling, Grad Dip (Counselling) and BASc. Her clinical practice includes grief and loss, trauma, relationships, anxiety and depression, group work, life transitions and end of life preparation.

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The recording counts as 1.5 hours of Category B CPD for PACFA's membership renewal requirements

PLEASE NOTE: RECORDING EXPIRES 14 September 2024 - Must view before this date.
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