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Working with Time as an existential theme in counselling

Working with Time as an existential theme in counselling
While life continually reminds us that our lives are time-limited and that everything we do inevitably comes to an end, we often forget – or ignore – the fact that every beginning also has an ending. Many of us choose to live in denial, living in what Jean-Paul Sartre called bad faith. Conversely, the appreciation of time and the finitude of life can help us live more deliberately, the acknowledgement of our ending paradoxically adding more life to our life.

How does this translate to the therapeutic encounter? Many counsellors and psychotherapists can feel ‘hemmed in’ by the prospect of time-limited therapy, most especially when the number of sessions is mandated. This workshop will explore the freedoms that can be experienced when the ending is acknowledged from the outset.

Watch this webinar to gain:

An understanding of how time is crucial to all aspects of our lives and can be used effectively in the therapeutic space
An awareness of how time can be seen as both a limitation and a possibility

Presenter: Alison Strasser

Alison Strasser DProf (Psychotherapy & Counselling), MA, BA Hons
Alison is a practising psychotherapist, coach and supervisor. She is also an educator with a passion for imparting how existential themes can be integrated into every therapeutic approach. She was instrumental in creating the existential curriculum for many counselling and psychotherapy trainings in Australia and her doctorate focused on the process of supervision, work that led to a framework for supervisor training, now a major component of CEP’s annual program. Alison co-authored Time-Limited Existential Therapy with her father, Freddie Strasser and she has recently published a revised edition.

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