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The Three Relationship Systems in Gottman Couples Therapy

The Three Relationship Systems in Gottman Couples Therapy
Dr John Gottman and colleagues discovered that there are three primary relationship systems. The systems are interrelated and impact each other. Therapists wiring with couples or working with individuals addressing relationship concerns will benefit in understanding what each system comprises of, and how each system interacts with each other. Addressing issues in one relationship system can impact other others, making it important to work on all of them in therapy.
1) Friendship and Intimacy System: This system focuses on creating an emotional connection and friendship between partners as well as enhancing physical and emotional intimacy in the relationship..

2) Conflict Management System: This system focuses on improving communication and resolving conflicts effectively.

3) Shared Meaning System: This system focuses on creating a shared vision and purpose for the relationship and life goals.

This webinar allows to reflect on their work with couples or their work with individuals seeking support for their relationship by examining how aspects of each relationship system is functioning in the present, and which areas require focus but into treatment planning.
This webinar is suitable to beginners who would like a “taste” of Gottman Couples Therapy, right through to clinicians with some existing Gottman Couples Therapy Training who wish to strengthen their understanding of the theory and practice of examining the relationship systems in Gottman Method Couples Therapy.
Learning Objectives
1. Understand the three relationship systems
2. Understand how the three systems interact with each other
3. Learn why the Sound Relationship House is so important for couples
4. Assess couples for strengths using this model
5. Assess couples for challenges using this model
6. Understand each unique element of the model
7. Know how to easily access and use this house to improve your work

Presenter: Elizabeth Neal
Elizabeth Neal is a Certified Gottman Couples Therapist and Trainer, and holds registration as a Psychologist. Liz integrates attachment theories into her Gottman Couples Therapy work and places a strong emphasis on the assessment of reflective functioning in her clients in therapy.
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