Psychotherapy and Counselling: Reflections on Practice

Psychotherapy and Counselling: Reflections on Practice provides a balance of engaging and in-depth stories and case studies from the inside of therapy. Representing the key practice modality sections of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia, the book explores examples from a range of therapeutic practices, grounded in the theoretical and evidence frameworks of the modality or approach and supported by clear and authoritative commentary.

Psychotherapy and Counselling: Reflections on Practice includes contribution from 33 psychotherapists and counsellors and is edited by PACFA Research Committee members, Prof Carolyn Noble and Dr Elizabeth Day. The stories showcase the diversity of modalities in the field of psychotherapy and counselling, how they work in detail, and what can be expected from a particular therapeutic experience. The book provides readers with examples of advanced interpersonal skills and a considerable breadth and depth of knowledge of psychotherapy and counselling practice, as it is shaping up today.

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